What is VoiceSeeker?

VoiceSeeker is Retune DSP’s multi-microphone Voice Control audio front-end DSP solution. VoiceSeeker provides high performance beamforming and multi-channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation to deliver better trigger word detection and payload accuracy vs. competing solutions. Unlike competitors, VoiceSeeker does not required pre-determined fixed microphone geometries, making it the ideal choice for customers who need flexibility in microphone placement. Effective at up to 10m and beyond, VoiceSeeker’s beamformer is the state of the art for far-field voice control.

Multi-channel AEC? Why do I need that?

As good as VoiceSeeker’s beamformer is, its AEC is just as impressive. VoiceSeeker’s super-efficient AEC algorithm enables up to 24 concurrent AEC channels on a single ARM A53 core. This means, with 4 microphones, up to 6 independent audio playback channels can be cancelled, enabling voice control in the 5.1 home theater environment. VoiceSeeker can also be configured to run across multiple cores, increasing the number of playback channels that can be echo cancelled. Interested in far-field voice control for your streaming set-top box, AVR, BluRay player or Netflix / Hulu enabled device? Then you need VoiceSeeker’s multi-channel AEC.

OK, what else?

VoiceSeeker is just part of a total voice control solution. You’ll also need a really good Wake Word Engine (WWE). Lucky for you, we already thought of that — VoiceSeeker integrates with leading WWEs, but your luck gets even better because Retune’s VoiceSpot is the ideal WWE to compliment VoiceSeeker. You can learn more about VoiceSpot here.


  • Smart TVs

  • Smart Speakers

  • Set-top Boxes

  • AVRs

  • Sound Bars

  • Streaming Media Players


  • High Performance Beamformer - enables robust noise and reverberation immunity

  • Flexible microphone placement

  • Multichannel AEC - compatible with 5.1, 7.1, 5.1.2, 7.2.4 playback formats

  • Direction of Arrival indication

Available now on these processors:

  • ARM Cortex A-Series

  • Amlogic A113

  • Analog Devices ADAU1472

  • Dialog Semiconductor DA14195, DA14196

  • Qualcomm: 5121, 5125, 68100

  • Cadence Hifi 3, Hifi 4 processors

  • Knowles: Athletico, Chelsea

For further information on VoiceSeeker, please reach out to us at info@retune-dsp.com.