Retune DSP Announces Availability of VoiceSpot Wake Word Engine


 High-Performance 33kB Model enables Single-Mic Close-Talking Solutions; Included in the First Amazon-Qualified Development Kit for Wake-on-Voice Alexa Headsets 

Kongens Lyngby, Denmark – July 26, 2019 – Retune DSP, a leading provider of Digital Signal Processing Solutions for Voice Control and Communication, announces immediate availability of VoiceSpot, its high-performance Wake Word Engine (WWE), the voice trigger in the Knowles AISonic™ SmartMic Development Kit, which was the first Amazon-qualified development kit for wake-on-voice Alexa headsets.  VoiceSpot enables voice-wake on memory-constrained, battery operated edge devices.

 “What makes VoiceSpot so unique is the fact that it achieves an extremely high level of performance with a tiny 33kB model size.  Competing WWE solutions struggle to maintain high performance with small model sizes,” said Ulrik Kjems, CEO of Retune DSP.  “With a small total memory footprint of under 80kB, VoiceSpot can fit on nearly any embedded platform without any sacrifice in voice-wake performance.”

With just a single microphone, VoiceSpot met Amazon’s Close Talk acoustic performance benchmark for reference solutions as a part of the Knowles AISonic™ SmartMic Headset Development Kit for developers who wish to build Alexa into their products.  “Retune DSP is a valuable algorithm partner and its VoiceSpot technology is critical in providing the high- performance voice trigger component of our Knowles AISonic SmartMic Development Kit,” said Michael Maia, Product Line Vice President at Knowles. 

 VoiceSpot is available on a variety of DSP and processor platforms, including Knowles AISonic SmartMic Development Kit and Knowles AISonic Audio Edge Processors, Qualcomm QCC512X (Kalimba DSP), Cadence Hifi 3 & Hifi 4, as well as Arm Cortex A-Series & Cortex M-Series processors.  

Founded in 2012, Retune DSP, is a world-wide leader in DSP Software Solutions for Voice Control and Voice Communications.  Headquartered at DTU Science Park in greater Copenhagen, Denmark, Retune DSP also maintains offices in the USA and China.

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