Retune DSP is a leader in DSP software solutions for voice control and speech communications. We develop and license state of the art voice processing solutions for consumer electronics, home-control, industrial and automotive applications. We are a one-stop shop for any voice communication and/or voice control application. Our voice processing solutions deliver the highest performance on a variety of processing platforms. We are the only full-service software supplier who can deliver a complete voice-control stack, including multi-microphone beamforming, multi-channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Wake Word Engine voice triggering. Find out why leading OEMS around the globe are making Retune DSP their first choice in voice.


Handsfree Telephony Suite

Conversa is a high performance multi-microphone full-duplex voice processing software solution. Applications for Conversa include Bluetooth speakerphones, headsets and wearables, conference phones, headphones and Automotive handsfree. Conversa is ported to a variety of platforms and is available now to enhance your voice communication device.


Voice Control Audio Front End Suite

VoiceSeeker is Retune DSP’s state-of-the-art multi-microphone Voice Control front-end processing solution with best-in-class beamforming and multi-channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation. Have a multi-channel voice control application in mind? Our ultra-efficient algorithm can simultaneously process up to 24 independent acoustic echo cancellers per core, unlocking the true potential of voice control in the multi-channel home theater environment and beyond. Available now on ARM Cortex-A Series SoCs and Cadence Hifi 3 and Hifi 4 DSPs.


Wake Word Engine

VoiceSpot is a super accurate Wake Word Engine solution developed using Retune DSP’s proprietary, state-of-the-art Machine Learning pattern recognition technology. Our high performance voice triggers have extremely small memory footprints, and require fewer MIPS compared to competitive solutions. VoiceSpot together with VoiceSeeker comprise a complete front-end voice control solution. Available now on ARM Cortex-A Series SoC’s, Cadence Hifi 3 and Hifi 4 DSPs, Qualcomm QCC5121, QCC5125, 68100.