Voice Control Front end

Our beamforming and echo cancellation technology is ideal for voice control front ends. We can supply the code required to build systems connecting the user to the Alexa Voice Services (AVS) in the cloud, with performance even surpassing the Amazon Echo product! Watch the demos below. 

Contact us at info@retune-dsp.com for more information.


Beamforming enhances voice control in noise

By combining signals from multiple microphones, the phrase spotting is improved which makes the device responsive in poor noise conditions.


High performance echo cancellation 

In order for the voice control to work when the device is playing music, echo cancellation effectively removes the part of the acoustic signal on all microphones that originates from the loudspeakers.  


Integration with third party technologies

Our solution is designed to work with third party voice solutions, such as Sensory TrulyHandsfree, Alexa Voice Services, Google Speech API, and more. We can perform full integration of the acoustic front-end with the cloud based services.