Flexible voice enhancement
This video demonstrates our flexible voice enhancement system as it automatically tracks the position of the speaker and the ambient noise sources. The system uses a three-microphone array to adaptively filter the voice from the noise.

Multichannel echo canceller
This video shows how our echo canceller can track the position of the echo source in order to cancel the echo and reduce excess noise.

Voice control front end to Apples Siri 
This video shows how our flexible voice enhancement system can be used to improve Siri. 

A three-microphone array and our voice enhancement system are used on the iPad on the left. The iPad on the right uses its own built-in microphones. A speaker on the left (outside the camera shot) plays a traffic noise while a speaker on the right side plays a pink noise recording. The user giving commands is sitting in front of both tablets.

As you can see, the system with our technology gets the sentence right every time, whereas the iPad using built-in microphones only gets one out of the seven sentences correct.

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