The Conversa (formerly known as All Ears) voice suite for the CSR Bluecore is a full suite of DSP algorithms for the Kalimba DSP processor designed for headsets and speakerphone products. 

  • Conversa is a complete set of DSP functionality for hands-free voice processing including acoustic echo cancellation, beamforming and noise reduction
  • On the CSR8670 and CSR8675 Conversa is a drop-in replacement for CVC headset and speaker applications.
  • Conversa supports 1, 2, 3 and 4 microphones
  • 360 degree beamforming feature for speakerphones
  • Super-directional beamforming for near perfect talker isolation in noisy conditions for headset applications
  • Full assistance in tuning your product 
  • PC based tuning tool available
  • Mature solution used in millions of units worldwide.

Read more about Conversa here.

VoiceSeeker is a complete front-end solution for multi-microphone voice trigger enabling high performance far-field voice trigger and voice recognition, for enhancing the user experience in Amazon Echo type products. 

  • Multi-microphone, multi-speaker acoustic echo cancellation for barge-in voice trigger during music playback
  • Far-field beamforming supporting 4 microphones
  • 4-mic array solution performs better than Amazon Echo 7-mic in noisy conditions.
  • Integrates with Sensory Trulyhandsfree voice trigger
  • 360 degree high resolution direction of arrival subsystem (DOA)
  • Hands-free operation (speakerphone) mode including multi-microphone beamforming, noise reduction and non-linear echo residual removal. 
  • Flexible API which allows large 

Read more about VoiceSeeker here.