Designed as a superior-quality audio front end, All Ears is a combination of advanced software and algorithms targeting multi-microphone voice enhancement, echo cancellation and noise reduction. It locates both the voice source and the surrounding noise, just like the human ear.

1. Flexible voice enhancement
Our patent-pending voice enhancement system implements an adaptive dual-mic beamformer with an integrated noise reduction system. Unlike competitor solutions, our unique beamforming algorithm automatically adapts to the voice source location and allows a massive degree of freedom with microphone placement. This means more noise attenuation without compromising voice quality.

2. Multichannel echo canceller
This multichannel echo canceller can track the position of the echo source in order to cancel the echo and reduce excess noise. It adapts to the transfer functions from each speaker to the individual microphones and effectively removes echo sound from the microphone signals.

Key features:

•    Fully ITU-T G.168 compliant
•    ERLE (echo return loss enhancement) of up to 40dB

A non-linear loudspeaker model effectively handles distortion residuals while maintaining excellent double talk behavior

3. Tuning software
Our skilled engineers provide a tuned solution to your product. Using our user-friendly tuning tool, it is also possible for your own engineers to make quick and easy adjustments to important settings such as EQ and signal amplification. 

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