The Conversa voice suite for CSR Bluecore

Conversa is an embedded multi-microphone voice suite delivering ultimate sound quality for CSR based Bluetooth speakerphone and headset applications. It locates both the voice source and the surrounding noise, just like the human ear. Adding it to your hands-free Bluetooth product is the way to obtain that razor-sharp competitive edge. 

Only the cochlea does it better

As technology advances, so do our standards for how we experience our world. When it comes to communication, we expect utmost convenience, clarity and efficiency. And we want our sound to be smooth as silk.

Conversa is the perfect audio front end for your voice-enabled Bluetooth speaker system and hands-free headsets. 


Conversa delivers

  • Superior voice quality and double talk performance
  • 360 degree adaptive beamforming ideal for multi-microphone speakerphone products
  • Super-directional beamforming technology is ideal for isolating target voice in noisy background environments in multi-microphone headset applications
  • Support for beamforming using 2, 3, and 4 microphones
  • Advanced noise reduction for filtering out background noise
  • Ultimate acoustic design flexibility
  • Complete CVC drop-in kap file replacements available optimized for speakerphones and headsets
  • PC tuning tool for accurate product tuning.
  • Our tuning tool allows you to do tuning on your part. We also offer complete tuning support for your products. 

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What is SuperDirectivity?

Don't worry if you never heard of SuperDirective beamforming because it's some of our latest technology from Retune.  

Super-Directional beamforming allows signals from 2, 3 and even 4 microphones to be segregated according to the direction the sound, just like beamforming. The difference is it is much more powerful. 

Consider a situation sketched below:


A headset with SuperDirectional beamforming will make the far end only hear clearly the target speech, and renders the disturbing speech complete inaudible to the far end speaker!

SuperDirectional beamforming works best with:

  • Two or more microphones in a fixed geometry
  • The target talker is in a fixed angle (geometry) relative to the array. 
  • Disturbing talker and noise signals arrive from a direction as different as possible from the talker. 
  • Target talker in end-fire direction relative to at least two microphones.

 SuperDirectivity is only available from Retune DSP.